Privacy Policy

OHE & CO., LTD. (‘we’ from herein) attempts to protect and manage customers’ personal information based on laws dealing with personal information and our company regulations.

Purpose of use of personal information

On the occasion of obtaining a customers’ personal information, we collect only the customers’ personal information after agreement within our purpose of use.
As a general rule, your personal information will only be used to contact you.
We do not use any personal information other than that listed below.
・Reply to customer’s inquiry or question
・Contact for recruit or sending documents

Control of personal information

In handling the customers’ personal information, we keep it under relevant security and we make every effort to protect it from illegal access, leak, loss and falsification.

Conservation of personal information

We create a company structure and train employees in order to deal with customers’ personal information.

Information supplement for third parties

As a general rule, we do not supply any customers’ personal information onto a third party without customers’ permission.
However we may use it where required, in such cases as listed below.
・At a legal case, courthouse, administrative agency, police department, or at another public agencies request.
・During time of work being outsourced for the purpose of use of personal information, as above.
(However in this case, we obligate a subcontractor to control customers’ personal information appropriately and not to leak or share information to any other parties.)

Registration information of personal information

We correspond rapidly when customers request disclosure, amendment, or suspension of personal information.

Information desk for personal information

1010 Ohnonaka, Kainan, Wakayama 640-0022 JAPAN
TEL :(country code +81) 73-482-3461
FAX :(country code +81) 73-483-5120
E-mail : Go to inquiry form

*We constantly review the privacy policy above-mentioned, and we make the utmost effort to protect personal information.Because of this, we may change this privacy policy without prior notice.